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Sick and tired of following every health professionals’ advice
only to find their treatments and exercises don’t work
and you continue to have jaw pain, stiffness and clicking?

Well, you are not alone!

If you are like me, then there’s nothing you’d enjoy more than to go out to a restaurant, order your favourite food, devour it and go home very contented. For people with jaw pain, this activity could “send their jaw joints through the roof”.

That is … if they dared to eat out in the first place!

And have you seen the price of some medical or dental
packages that try to fix this problem lately? 

It is enough to stress you out!

You see, as a physiotherapist, I have seen so many people like you who have been frustrated, annoyed, at their ‘wits end’ and even suicidal using the hosts of ineffective and expensive jaw pain treatments and home routines trying to alleviate their jaw pain to GET BACK A LIFE.

But not any more!

My name is Mark Latimer – an Australian TMJ Physiotherapist
who helps people overcome their disabling and painful jaw joints
– commonly known as TMD or Temporomandibular Dysfunction.

I have spent the best part of 22 years researching and developing jaw pain treatment techniques that would allow me to analyse what jaw structures are problematic. Further, I devised treatment techniques and exercises that specifically addressed those problems to eliminate them.

Unfortunately, because very few health professionals know how to test and treat all of the pain-sensitive structures fully, I (like you) was told:

“You can never get rid of clicking or painful jaws joints and they can only be treated with drugs, splints or surgical operations”.

But, Being The ‘Look Outside The Box’ Type
Of Professional Who Loves A Challenge,
This Was Not Going To Stop Me Finding A Cure!

I followed all the assessment basics I’d learnt from physiotherapy school, post-grad education and every technical book I could find. I tried massage, muscle stretching, joint mobilizing, splint therapy, diet modification and watched and listened to every dental and physiotherapy “expert” who offered advice or treatment … but NOTHING WORKED to eliminate the problem!

Then I discovered the COLD HARD TRUTHS about why other jaw pain treatments simply couldn’t get rid of painful jaw joints. And here is what I found …

MOST jaw pain is REAL and can be treated physically!



How do you know you require a Jaw Pain Treatment?

We gain a lot of pleasure from our mouths in the way of eating, kissing, talking or singing but when jaw movement creates pain, our pleasure turns sour.

Most people initially notice difficulty with yawning, biting and chewing.

Then the CLICKING starts … and it gets louder and more frequent.

Toothache lady

Jaw Pain Treatment start with recognition of problem

They become very reluctant to open their mouths for those simple daily activities like cleaning the teeth, biting into apples and burgers and keeping their mouths open widely at the dentist.

They end up not doing the activities they love, changing their eating habits to include small, soft or mushy food, stop singing and talk for shorter periods. They even take extreme measures to hide those embarrassing noises heard when eating.

Grinding teeth at night kills relationships and the teeth suffer from the effects of caries, chipping and night grinding. Not to mention the costs of getting all those repaired.

Their diets start to include increasing amounts of painkillers, anti-inflammatories, anti-depressants and muscle relaxants.

The problem is

When we try to find out about what causes it and what can be done to fix it, we are told that…

  • “Everybody has it”,
  • “There is no cure for it “ and
  • “Given time – it will go away”.

In reality, not everyone gets it, it is not hereditary, it won’t go away by itself, it can’t be fixed with drugs or splints and it WILL get worse. Left untreated or treated incorrectly, jaw pain will usually increase and mouth function will decrease.

But now, there is a way to get rid of it … forever!

Why have YOU got Jaw Pain?

The main supporting and protecting structures of the jaw joints are the LIGAMENTS. These are relatively small in size but are very strong and perform a major role in the functioning of the jaw. Unfortunately, they are the most vulnerable tissues to injury, like straining or tearing.

Jaw Pain girl

Jaw Pain Treatment starts with the first signs.

Most people suffering from jaw pain develop it gradually over a period of time and it generally STARTS with an injury to the jaw, like:

  • A sporting injury (like a ball, shoulder, fist or hockey stick  to the face),
  • Physical abuse,
  • Motor car accident,
  • Walking into a door,
  • Overeating (chewing too much) or even,
  • Having wisdom teeth (molars) removed under general anaesthetic.

Although muscles can also be damaged through injury, these injuries are MUCH LESS LIKELY and relatively uncommon.

The severity of the initial injury dictates the amount of damage sustained and will have a bearing on the length of recovery.

With minor injuries, the jaw pain usually settles within a few minutes but with the more severe injuries it may last longer than a day and even weeks.

Imagine ‘rolling’ your ankle and damaging the ankle ligaments. Injuries to the jaw follow the same process, similar type of injury and similar pain response. Generally speaking, there will be swelling and pain in the area – for a while.

Pain is a normal response to injury and is there to prevent further injury, to stop you doing activities that will aggravate it and allow the body to repair the damage as quickly as possible.. It is the brain telling you not to move.

Swelling is the normal healing and binding-up process occurring.

When any ligaments are damaged, the body’s natural healing process will be to lay down scar tissue (like fibreglass matting) to bind the ligament together so the limb/joint can still be used. The amount of scar tissue laid down will depend on the severity of the initial injury and how that injury is managed in the early stages.

Over time and as healing progresses, the body usually absorbs excess scar tissue and remoulds the ligament leaving a normal, strong ligament. However, large amounts of untreated scar tissue can shorten the ligament and create alignment problems of the joint. This is the precursor to arthritis.

Recognise the signs requiring jaw pain treatment

Jaw pain treatment starts with recognising the signs.

In the jaw, this can result in:

  • Chronic pain,
  • Joint stiffness,
  • ‘Disjointed’ mouth openings,
  • Teeth that don’t fit together properly,
  • Movement problems,
  • Weak or difficult bites,
  • Grinding or
  • Clicking.

The first sign of tightness and an imminent problem in the jaw joint, is CLICKING. It may not show up immediately, but will often develop over a number of months or years.

Left alone, these tight ligaments will compress the joint surfaces together and eventually lead to the wearing down of the joint articular surfaces, joint destruction and arthritis.

The time to take action is when
you first notice any jaw problems.

So what is the solution?

With any remedy, you have to know what to treat. Any of the supporting structures of the jaw can be injured, tighten and cause pain. ISOLATING the problem structure such as:

  1. Joint capsule,
  2. Ligament(s),
  3. Muscles or
  4. Nerves from the neck or brain

… is the key to effective treatment!

In essence, the more specific we can be with the problematic structure, the better result we will get with the treatment.

How will this Jaw Pain Treatment solve this problem?

Analysis is required jaw pain treatment

Jaw pain treatment requires careful analysis.

Firstly, all of the possible jaw structures need to be assessed individually. Jaw pain treatment requires careful analysis. Each structure has a specific role to play, so we just need to test each of them out to find out which one or ones reproduce the pain or problem.

Our self-assessment program will guide you through specific tests which isolate all the jaw structures and highlight any problems. Then, once we know which structures are causing the problem you will be taken through a GRADUATED TREATMENT PROGRAM where you will be shown specific exercises designed to treat those problematic structures.

The exercises do not require any specialised equipment or extra help from others, just time and a desire to get the best out of the exercises.

This course teaches you to TAKE CONTROL of
your problem and the more work 
YOU do on it,
the FASTER will be your recovery.

Will it take long to get results
from this Jaw Pain Treatment?

In many cases, if the problem will have been there for a long time and it may take some time (up to 12 months) to resolve, while others find it disappears within a few weeks/months. Every jaw is unique and different problems take different times.

As a manual therapist, I EXPECT continual improvements to be experienced throughout the course of treatment. I also expect clients to see noticeable changes occuring. The question is…

How long can you wait to get back
on the track to having a normal jaw?

To help you get started on the road to recovery …

I’ve filled over #123 pages with the exact information you need to help get rid of your jaw pain!

TMJ pain

Jaw Pain Treatment requires effective exercises

When you’re ready to TAKE CONTROL of your pain, what you need is a resource that doesn’t just give copies of the same old ineffective exercises and massage techniques everyone else has.

What’s the point in wasting time and effort, doing the same thing that everyone else is doing (including dentists), that achieves little and doesn’t fix your problem long term?

WHAT YOU NEED are real tips and sound advice so you can:

  1. Find out where your pain comes from and then do something specifically about it.
  2. Learn how to overcome the devastating effects of jaw pain by understanding how these techniques work on the tight painful structures and knowing when to use them.
  3. Benefit from the pain-relieving power of treatment techniques that work to create a long-lasting and permanent result.
  4. How to settle even the worst pain using simple techniques to create a feeling of relief and freedom.
  5. Enjoy a self-help course that literally returns mouth function to normal by treating the structures that cause you pain.
  6. Easily avoid the potentially damaging effects of the long-term use of drugs, poorly fitting splints and ineffective, non-specific exercises.
  7. Heighten the pleasurable experience of being able to use your mouth normally again using 7 simple steps.
  8. Discover the thrill of painless eating that will allow you to dine at your favourite restaurant or eat what you want with confidence and without embarrassment.

What can I expect from this
Jaw Pain Treatment course?

Learn how to eliminate jaw joint pain, clicking, stiffness and malocclusion/poor bite by taking control of your own treatment, without drugs and in your own time.

Excited TMJ lady

Life without jaw pain?


Through a structured assessment process you will discover what has happened in the past that may have contributed to your present condition and how this has developed into the jaw pain that you now have.  Learn how to overcome the devastating effects of jaw pain by understanding how these techniques work on the tight painful structures and knowing when to use them.

Dr Handshake

Understanding how a jaw pain treatment works is the key

Learn simple jaw joint anatomy to help you understand how the jaw joint works and what happens when things go wrong. Knowing the workings of the jaw joint will give you the confidence to talk with health professionals so get the most appropriate advice and assistance for your problem.

To Do List

A systematic approach gets results.


This Jaw Pain Treatment program will guide you systematically through a physical assessment checklist to test structures that may be causing your pain. This will help pinpoint problematic structures so you can treat them specifically with appropriate exercises.

Excited woman thinking

Think of the possibilities of a pain free life.


Learn how to use clinically proven techniques to eliminate jaw pain and unlock ‘locked jaw joints’ and keep them unlocked and functioning normally forever. Imagine what you could do!


What does this
Jaw Pain Treatment cost?

If you were to attend all the seminars I’ve attended over 20 years, read all the books I’ve read, and studied all the programs I’ve paid for …

you could easily invest over $37 000 just in costs alone.

I know that you may have already spent many thousands of dollars investing in medical investigations and consultations with health practitioners, doctors, dentists and specialists. You may have spent over $40,000 on jaw joint operations and thousands on mouth splints, countless medications and numerous xrays …all of which haven’t resolved your problem.

Depending on the value you place on your time … your investment to learn what I’ve learned could be in the tens of thousands of dollars and SAVE YOU THOUSANDS in consultation fees alone.

That is why the powerful secrets, tips and techniques I have carefully laid out in my course …

“ Jaw Pain Self Treatment Course “

would be a huge bargain at a price of $1000 or even $450 … just a fraction of the costs I’ve incurred. But I’m offering you …

A tried and tested PROFESSIONAL
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And of course, if you’re not completely, 100% satisfied, this product comes with a 90 DAY, NO-QUESTIONS-ASKED UNCONDITIONAL GUARANTEE. So, if for whatever reason you decide that this course has made no difference to your jaw pain, just send me an e-mail and I will refund 100% of your money. It’s as easy as that.

So if you’re ready to make that first positive step toward learning how to take control of your jaw pain and doing something positive to overcome them, there’s only one thing left to do…

I look forward to seeing you in the training center and if you have any questions about your jaw joints please do not hesitate to contact me! You can reach me through my contact page and I promise to get back to you promptly!

To your freedom from jaw pain and success…

Mark Latimer – TMJ Physiotherapist

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